Work in full swing

Time news, because a week passed. :)

We are still working hard, but in the meantime the first track has already gone to the stage of mixing and mastering! \ m /

The mixing and mastering of our album will manage our friend and colleague Nikita Merzliakov (vocals, keyboards and producer in HammerForce band). Nikita is also knows as the lead singer on the N7 album of Starbreeze. He can also be heard on the upcoming solo album of Martin Steene (Iron Fire) as a keyboardist.

Nikita has already worked with Beorn – he mixed The Chest of Deadman single. Now he will do the mastering and mixing of the entire album in his private studio.

Here you can acquainted with the Nikita works as a producer, keyboardist and vocalist.


Work over the album cover

Passed one more week and so it time new portion of the news related to our album.
Today we introduce you to a man who has been creating for our album cover.
Are pleased to present – our friend and colleague – Sergey Fomichov.
By the way, Sergey good not only as an painter but also as a musician, and here you will find to his multifaceted work (and as a musician in the first place, and as an painter)