”Time To Dare” – 2015

  • 1. From Here to Eternity
  • 2. Riders of the Sky
  • 3. Star Ocean
  • 4. In Quest for planet Eden
  • 5. The Chest of Deadman
  • 6. Space Invaders
  • 7. Galaxy in flames
  • 8. Phantom Ship
  • 9. Ray of Hope
  • 10. The Beast
  • 11. Coming Home

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”The Chest of Deadman” — internet single — 2012


Gregory Kryukov — vocal, lyrics

Andrey Zvonaryov — guitar, keyboards, composer, arrangements

Alexey Zvonaryov — bass-guitar, composer

Pavel Salikov — guitar


The roots of the band go back to the year 2008, when Andrey Zvonaryov (Lead /Rhythm guitar & Composer) and Alexey Zvonaryov (Bass, Composer) decided to create a new band under the name BEORN. But the story actually began in 2012, for too many changes happened since the formation of the band. The 2008-2012 was the time of search of themselves in the world of music; time of development; time to find the right musicians; time of changes in the band’s repertoire… This period is a part of the band history and never to be forgotten, but it was an overture, a foreword to a epic tale. In 2012 BEORN turned that page and began to write a completely new story.

On Nov. 26th, 2012 the band released an internet single — «The Chest of Deadman», which gained critical success followed by worldwide radio rotation.

After the single was released the vocalist Dmitriy Cherbaev and the keyboardist Kate Sergeeva had to be replaced.

At the same time the band focused on a debut LP album.

While working on the album the band was still looking for a lead singer. Many tried out for the part..and in August 2013 the band joined Greg Kryukov as the new vocalist.

On October 30th, 2015 Beorn’s debut long-play album Time to Dare was released worldwide on major internet-camps (iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp , Amazon, etc), and with the help of the lable SoundAge it appeared on CD. The album was welcomed with enthusiasm and got many positive reviews by the press, radio and listeners.

And the story does not end but only begins…

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